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"Dirigerer", 2004

Portfolio of six lithographs
Edition of 33
81.9 x 120.0 cm (32 ¼ x 47 ¼ inches)


dirigerer or conducted in Danish, is a portfolio of six colour lithographs executed by Not Vital at the workshop of Edition Copenhagen from 09 - 11 October 2004 with the assistance of master printer Rasmus Urwald, aided by June Rehak and Peer Carstensen. Five of the six lithographs have been drawn by hand and printed from stone by Not Vital. The sixth lithograph has been executed by a photo-transfer process from two metal plates adhered to the lithograph stone. The total edition comprises 40 portfolios contained in a white linen case with colophon.: 33 portfolios are numbered 1/33 - 33/33; 5 artist proof portfolios are numbered "AP 1/5 - 5/5"; 1 Bon à tirer portfolio is inscribed "B.A.T"; 1 archive portfolio is inscribed "Archive" which is reserved for the collaborators and is not for sale.

Five of the six lithographs are signed, dated, titled and numbered in pencil by the artist; the sixth is signed and inscribed in pencil by the artist. All of the lithographs have been printed on cream white wove 300gr. Velin d'Arches paper measuring 32 1/2 x 47 1/4 inches (80 x 120cm)

Five of the six lithographs have been printed in silver using four passes of the stone press. The sixth lithograph has been executed in silver and yellow using two passes of the stone press for each colour.

Five of the six lithographs have been executed to the music of three Scandinavian composers:

Finlandia, Opus 26

Symphony No.5 in E flat major, Opus 82, Tempo molto moderato

Peer Gynt, Opus 23, In the Wedding Garden

Peer Gynt, Opus 23, Arabian Dance

Carl Nielsen
Maskarade, Overture

Note: Not Vital executed these works using real symphony conductor sticks. With the sounds of the chosen symphony blaring throughout the workshop, the artist dipped the tips of the conductor sticks into the ink and actually conducted the symphony himself by drawing on the lithograph stone.

dirigerer is the first print edition by Not Vital in two years.


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