Winston Roeth

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Tempera on honeycomb panel
47 x 47"

Born in Chicago, 1945
Lives and works in New York City

2002 New Painting, Stark Gallery, New York
2001 Palazzo Ducale di Sassuolo Paintings, Stark Gallery, New York
Palazzo Ducale di Sassuolo, Sassuolo, Italy
2000 Gallerie Vera Munro, Hamburg
Stark Gallery, New York 
1999 Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1998 Artothek, Cologne
1997 Stark Gallery, New York
1996 Galerie Vera Munro, Hamburg
1995 Recent Paintings, Stark Gallery, New York
1993 Paintings, Stark Gallery, New York (cat.)
Drawings, Galleri Ars Nova, Goteborg, Sweden
1992 Stark Gallery, New York
1991 Galleri Ars Nova, Goteborg, Sweden
1990 Stark Gallery, New York
1989 Invitational Exhibition, Griffin McGear Gallery, New York
1988 Stark Gallery, New York
1980 The Ben Shahn Gallery, William Patterson College, Wayne, New Jersey


2002 Galerie Vera Munro, Hamburg, Germany
Nusser & Baumgart Contemporary, München, Germany
Niklas von Bartha, London, England
2001 Radical Painting, curated by Nino Weinstock, Villa Aichele, Städtische Galerie, Lörrach, Germany
1999 Then & Now, The Work Space, New York; curated by Theresa Chong
1998 Andrew Jenson Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
1997 Andrew Jensen Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
Drawing From Life, Stark Gallery, New York
Projected, Stark Gallery, New York
1996 La Collezione Panza di Biumo. Artist degli anni '80 e '90, Museo di Arte Moderna e 
Contemporanea di Trento e Roverto, Palazzo delle Albere, Trento (catalogue)
White, Howard Scott-M13 Gallery, New York
Drawings, Galerie Art In, Nuremburg, Germany
1995 Color: Sign, System, Sensibility, Stark Gallery, New York; curated by Richard Kalina
The Panza di Biumo Donation, Museo Cantonale d'Arte, Lugano, Switzerland
1994 The Constructive Vocabulary: An American Vision, Galerie Dr. Istvan Schlegl, Zurich
X-Sightings, Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Collector's Choice: Natalie and Irving Forman, Charlotte Jackson Gallery, Santa Fe
Ars Nova Galleri, Goteborg, Sweden
1993 Uses of Geometry: Winston Roeth, Cary Smith, Stephen Westfall, etc., Snyder Fine Arts, New York (cat.)
Supervision: Jo Baer, Ollie Baertling, Helmut Federle, Mary Heilmann, Yves Klein, Olivier 
Mosset, Walter Obholzer, Steven Parrino, David Reed, Winston Roeth, Günter Umberg, Michael Venezia, Raum fur neue Kunst, Rolf Hengesbach, Wuppertal, Germany
Sublime Presence: Stuart Arends, Madeline O'Connor, Florence Pierce, Winston 
Roeth, Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe
Contemporary Drawing--Part II, Arena, New York
1992 7-NY: Directions in Abstract Painting, Studio A, Museum Moderner Kunst, Otterndorf, Germany (cat.)
Painting, Stark Gallery, New York
Cultural Fabrication, John Good Gallery, New York
1991 Abstraction: Recent Prints, Betsy Senior Contemporary Prints, New York
1991 The Process of Looking, Stark Gallery, New York
Geometric Considerations, Capital Cities/ABC, New York; project of the Art Advisory Service of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Sandra Lang, Director
Paper Trail, Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, New York
1990 Opening Group Exhibition, Stark Gallery, New York
Cruciform, Stark Gallery, New York
1989 M-13 Gallery, New York
An Extraction of Form, Robeson Center Gallery, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey; curated by Alison Weld
Three Artists Who Work With Slate, Stark Gallery, New York
Small Works on Paper, Susanna Sheffield Gallery, Houston, Texas
Pastel Drawings, Islip Museum, Islip, New York; curated by Karen Shaw
1986 Slate, An installation at Springs Industries; project of the Art Advisory Service, 
Museum of Modern Art, New York; Sandra Lang, director
1982 Fifth Anniversary Show, The Drawing Center, New York
1979 Invitational Exhibition, Susan Caldwell Gallery, New York
1978 The Drawing Center, New York

1995 Light/Body--Dark/Body, collaboration with Susan Osberg, dancer/choreographer; Dia 
Center for the Arts and Unga Atalante, Goteborg, Sweden
Light/Body, collaboration with Susan Osberg, dancer/choreographer; Dia Center for the Arts, New York
1993 Light installation, Stark Gallery, New York (with solo exhibition)
1992 Mercury, Light installation, Stark Gallery (Annex), New York
1991 Intricacies, collaboration with Susan Osberg, dancer/choreographer and Susanne 
Poulin, lighting designer; Unga Atalante, Goteborg, Sweden and the Dia Art Foundation, New York
1989 Light Paintings, Stark Gallery, New York
1988-9 Collaboration with Susan Osberg, dancer/choreographer; Malcolm Goldstein, violinist/composer; and Susanne Poulin, lighting designer; Dia Art Foundation, New York
Post Revolutionary Girl, collaboration with Muna Tseng, choreography and Susanne 
Poulin, lighting design; Whitney Museum Theater, Equitable Center and the Mulberry Street Theater, New York and the Place Theater, London
1986 Intuition, collaboration with Susan Osberg, choreographer and James Tenney, composer; Riverside Dance Festival, New York
1985 Eden, collaboration with Susan Osberg, choreographer; AGLAIA Foundation, Middle Collegiate Church, New York
1983 Collaboration with Elena Alexander's MAD ALEX Co., P.S. 122, New York

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Artothek, Cologne
Museo Cantonale d'Arte, Panza Collection, Lugano, Switzerland 
Benesse House Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, Benesse Island, Japan 
FAI Foundation; Panza Collection, Varese, Italy
Yves Klein Foundation, Tucson, Arizona
Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, Utah
San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
Studio A - Museum Moderner Kunst Landkreis Cuxhaven, Germany
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge, Mass.


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