John Armleder


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Portfolio of 19 color lithographs
Edition of 33 signed and numbered examples
76.0 x 56.0 cm (30 x 22 inches)

price on request

Original stone printed lithographs printed in colors, the portfolio of 19, plus a unique color monoprint, for a total of 20 prints, all fine, fresh impressions, the full sheets, printed on 250 gr. Velin d'Arches paper, to the edges, each print hand-signed, dated, numbered and inscribed with the ordering number, SN1 through SN19 on the reverse (with the exception of the title page which is signed recto and is also an original lithograph,) the monotype is inscribed SN20, pulled in an edition of 33 examples. (there are also V artist proofs, numbered EA I/V to EA V/V, one Archive proof which has been reserved for the collaborators and is not for sale, and one proof signed and inscribed C.d.E.,) printed in August and October, 2003, by master printer Rasmus Urwald aided by June Rehak and Thomas Villars at the workshop of Edition Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, co-published by World House Gallery/Editions, South Orange and Edition Copenhagen, Copenhagen, containted in a special, hand-made box with the title embossed into the cover, with the colophon/justification page also printed in lithography, all in excellent condition, unframed.

Literature: Rexer, Lyle. "Romancing the Stone" article in Art On Paper, September/October 2005, vol.XX, no.XX, pp.XX-XX, illustrated p.XX in color (another example.)

Marcus, Mette. "Uudtømmelig" article in Louisiana Magasin, 2005, May, no.17, pp.32-34, illustrated in color, p.34.

Staff. "Generous Gifts," article in Art On Paper, November/December 2004, vol. 9, no.2, referenced p.66, illustrated p.67.

Tjner, Poul Erik. "Til glaeden" article in Louisiana Magasin. 2004, September, no.14, Humlebaek, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, pp.14-16, illustrated in color, p.15

To be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonne of the prints and multiples of John Armleder presently being prepared by Christophe Cherix at the Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva.

Exhibited: Humlaebak, Denmark, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, Selections from the Permanent Collection, May - September 2005 (the Museum's example.)

Humlaebak, Denmark, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, WORKS AND DAYS: Selected new works in the Louisiana Collection 2000 - 2004, 23 June - 22 August 2004 (the Museums example.)

Copenhagen, Galerie Edition Copenhagen, John Armleder: SUPERNOVA, 21 February -
30 March 2004 (another example.)

Note: Please note that each sheet measures 22 x 30 inches (56 x 76cm)

With the exception of the title page, the artist considers no top to each sheet, therefore the prints may be installed either horizontally or vertically.

The SUPERNOVA portfolio is in the following permanent collections:

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark

The Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva

The Microsoft Art Collection, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington

The Progressive Corporation Art Collection, Mayfield Village, Ohio


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