Katrin Moller (Germany, 1972)


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Acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 inches

My paintings are about particles, about the whole or arrangements, they are related, disrupted or intractable, they are left and right, above and below-they are  everything---

I studied painting at the University iin Cologne as well as at the Kunsthochschule Dusseldorf. From 1995 until end of 2007 I worked as an assistant to the German artist Udo Nöger. After all these influential years in 2008 I began to work on my paintings- series called ‘Gemaltes’ translated in English ‘painted’ on a daily basis. Since this time I started exhibiting my work.


Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miami  ( Group)

Lowe Gallery , Atlanta  together with Hyunmee Lee, Korea / Sam Glankoff, USA

Cedar Street Gallery, Honolulu (Group)


Walker Contemporary Art, Boston (Solo)

Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miami together with Felice Grodin

Gebert Contemporary, Santa Fe (Solo)

Donna Rogers, Houston (Group)

Fine Art Associates, Honolulu (Group)